Punta_de_Mita_MapIf you’ve ever check out a map of Banderas Bay, chances are you’ve seen that Punta de Mita is the uppermost tip of the bay. This extremely pretty peninsula with absolutely gorgeous beaches and views of both the bay and the open water has always been a popular weekend getaway from Puerto Vallarta. However, since the Four Seasons and St. Regis resorts opened a few years back in the neighboring master-planned resort and residential community called Punta Mita, it is also attracting the attention of the type travelers seeking the good life—many of them arrive in their own planes.  Emiliano Zapata, Corral del Risco and El Anclote are three bordering villages, next to Punta Mita that serve as a contrast because of their traditional Mexican feel.

Punta Mita tours, like many small communities north of Puerto Vallarta has a bit of everything. El Anclote serves as the “town,” and hosts a number of small shops, art galleries and restaurants located along Ave. El Anclote, a broad boardwalk that runs parallel to the bay and beaches. The culinary diversity is remarkable considering the size of the town, and many restaurants will gladly prepare your catch from the fishing trip you did earlier in the day as a special dinner for you!

El Anclote in Punta de Mita is the best way to get to a host of aquatic activities that include fishing, diving, whale watching, Punta Mita boat tours, and paddle boarding.

Punta de Mita is ideal for whale watching during the winter months, and the Chica Locca offers tours that take you out toward the Marietas Islands, a protected refuge.