image1-copyIn 2009, Gil Drory had a dream to start the ultimate boat tour in Sayulita, Mexico and the entire Banderas Bay area. He was sick of sub standard tours that were uncomfortable with bad service and serving the cheapest food and drinks possible. He went on a search to find the perfect boat. He found a 60 foot Trimaran in San Francisco, after looking at the boat he saw the vision of the Chica Locca. He purchased the boat and drew out the plans and they went to work. The boat was at the Napa Valley ship yard. 30 days later they were ready to start the journey to Puerto Vallarta / Sayulita. The Chica Locca was launched and the journey began. 8 days and 8 nights later they arrive in La Cruz marina. This is where the rest of the work begins.


It was time to add all the finishing touches to the Chica Locca. First, they added the second deck for the captain station allowing more room on the deck. They also added a second bathroom so that men and women could have their own bathrooms. The next step was comfort, adding comfortable cushions and seating throughout the Chica Locca so everyone has extreme comfort for their entire tour. They also added hammocks on both sides as well as a dance floor so people can express themselves with dance comfortably. Then they put on all of the water toys such as kayaks, rafts, paddle boards and snorkel gear. The most recent addition to the boat was 2 water slides. Climb up to the second deck and slide into the cool waters below. PURE FUN!!! This is the only boat in the bay with waterslides.

image2-copyOnce these finishing touches to the boat were completed, they were ready to take the first tour. She was absolutely the prettiest boat on the bay. Now it was time to stock the bar with upscale liquors and food. Gil wanted the Chica Locca to be different in every way instead of buying the cheapest liquor, he stacked the bar with Corona and Pacifico small bottles so they stay cold while you drink them and never used house brands of liquor, always premium brands. The gourmet lunch is prepared by one of the wife’s of the crew members and is prepared with love, homemade rolls and the finest ingredients. Every passenger raves about the food and let us not forget about the fresh Ceviche made on most tours from a fish caught from the boat that day, they make the best Ceviche on the bay. In addition we serve fresh fruits and pastries in the morning and snacks throughout the tour so no one is ever hungry while on the Chica Locca.

Gil hired the best staff available and made sure that every guest would always have the ultimate service and that they would never want for anything while on any Chica Locca Tour.


image3-copySince then Gil has continued to improve the Chica Locca to make it even more comfortable by always listening to the guest’s and acting on those suggestions, adding those things that they have asked for. First he made the second deck larger by continuing all the way to the front of the boat to make a huge sun deck for those sun worshipers and added comfortable recliners to ensure the ultimate comfort for all guests. Next he added 2 fresh water outdoor showers which has been a real hit among the guest’s. Her also doubled the size of the splash nets on the front of the boat and use a much stronger netting for ease to walk on it, he also added splash nets on the back of the boat and added shade panels to the back as well. Two new bathrooms were added as well as expanding the original two which is a big hit with the ladies.

His motto is “Only Two Rules, have fun and be safe. They even offer free transportation to & from their office in Sayulita on our Mexican open air limo. Even after 7 years, Gil personally goes on most every tour to ensure that all guest’s have the time of their life and they always have everything they need or want at all times. Please Enjoy!