Puerto Vallarta Private Boat Charters

Puerto Vallarta Private Boat Charters

Puerto Vallarta Private Boat Charters


Private Tours Are The Ultimate Adventure

ChicaFun Waterslides is the ultimate boat for a private charter for any occasion! (Can accommodate any number, up to 85 passengers comfortably). Private tours are always welcome!

Are you planning a romantic wedding or any other event - boat tours banderas bay - in Sayulita, Puerto Vallarta or the Banderas bay area?

Celebrate a wedding, engagement, birthday, anniversary, family reunion or just have fun with your friends and family? ChicaFun Waterslides is the ultimate and most comfortable boat on the bay for any occasion and for any size of group of people. Our priority is a total commitment to your comfort and customer service. Imagine cruising Banderas Bay while as you make your wedding vows with the love of your life and raising a glass of champagne to offer a toast in honor of the new life that you start with your partner or the years of love that you have already spent together. For all other celebrations, how about raising a shot of tequila and toasting your birthday or any other type of celebration. Remember, we are all inclusive!

In addition to the spectacular personalized service we offer for your celebration, We will take care of all the details involved with your event; From live music to food, fun and special services. The Chica Locca tours are customized to meet the most demanding and detailed requests of any customer!

Are you planning a corporate retreat or business incentive trip to Puerto Vallarta or Sayulita? Celebrate the success of your team as you head out for a day of incredible fun on Banderas Bay! Host your next event in the water in the unique style of the Chica Locca and get ready for you and your guests have one of the best days of your life!

Our private tours are available for a full day to Yelapa, the Marieta Islands or a custom location, plus we offer sunset and dance under the stars celebration charters. Our tours are a action packed, which includes snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, water slides, tubing, dancing, drinking, meals and the comfort and world class service that Chica Locca is famous for! There is something for the taste of each person, Chica Locca Tours is the best option for your private event in Banderas Bay.

The ChicaFun Waterslides can carry any number of guests up to 85 passengers and is perfect for any special event such as birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, corporate retreats and of course wedding celebrations. It is the most comfortable boat on the bay and we will organize everything for your next adventure so you can sit back, relax and feel confident about your event. The ChicaFun Waterslides has an incredible sound system for your choice of music and we even have room for a live band if you so choose.

More than enough space in our large dance area. Your family and friends will enjoy this day like never before.

Check out our Trip Advisor page and see why we are the number one boat on the bay.

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