Sayulita Adventures Tours

Sayulita Adventures Tours


Sayulita, Mexico is a small fishing village about 35 Kilometers north of Puerto Vallarta crossing into the state of Nayarit, Mexico. The full time population is about 4000 but grows to over 10,000 during the tourist season.

Sayulita was established in 1941 when the first families arrived from the mountains of Jalisco and from there the town of Sayulita was born. Since then more and more families found this little village a piece of paradise. In the 1960’s Sayulita was discovered by the surfers because of the river mouth and consistent surf breaks. Just after this discovery the construction of Highway 200 was born connecting the popular city of Puerto Vallarta to Sayulita.

Sayulita was quick to be known as the surfer’s paradise. Sayulita is off the beaten path and has tremendous growth and now is home to many Canadians and Americans. It is also home to many of the indigenous Indian tribes of the Huichol. They even have a Huichol center for cultural survival which displays artifacts and art made the members of the Huichol tribe.

Sayulita has plenty to do such as surfing, hiking, fishing, Canopy Jungle zip lines, snorkeling, art galleries and plenty of restaurants, bars and entertainment. Sayulita is real popular destination for beginner surfers of all ages and have many instructors to teach you even if you have never surfed in your life. This little quaint town attracts upscale tourists from around the world with its numerous art galleries and restaurants and plenty of live entertainment. Sayulita is the crown jewel in “Riviera Nayarit”, the coastal corridor from Litibu to San Blas. Its natural beauty and easy access to Puerto Vallarta have made Sayulita real estate some of the most popular in all of Mexico. With a growing ecological awareness and stricter zoning enforcement, development is being regulated to help safeguard the environment and quality of life of the community. Sayulita now has a medical office with an English speaking doctor and pharmacist, a number of internet cafes and a wide variety of open-air eateries—some right on the sand beach. Sayulita has recently become a wedding destination with a Roman Catholic church and a number of local wedding planners. There is no better place to have your wedding or reception but on the Chica Locca.

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