snorkeling-pageThe snorkeling in Puerto Vallarta is one of the best worldwide. While snorkeling on the Chica Locca there is a good chance you will see schools of tropical angel fish, puffer fish, cornet fish, and parrot fish, all year around! Puerto Vallarta offers 3 great snorkeling locations Los Arcos, Marietas Island and the Majahuita Coves! The Chica Locca will take you snorkeling in Puerto Vallarta all year around so we know when and where you will find the best visibility at all times of the year. January through May underwater visibility averages 15-45 ft and under water temperature averages 68-75 degrees Fahrenheit.  June through December average underwater visibility is 30-100 ft and average temperature is 78-85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Puerto Vallarta snorkeling is a thrilling experience whether you are a new snorkeler or an experienced diver. Puerto Vallarta offers a great snorkeling experience. See the beautiful Coral reefs, tropical sea life and more while you are snorkeling on the Chica Locca during your vacation in Puerto Vallarta. Los Arcos or (the 2 big rocks where you can snorkel through tunnels with coral and lots of sea life) is one of the destinations for good snorkeling in Puerto Vallarta. Another destination is on north side of Banderas Bay, Islas Marietas, 2 big islands boasted as the best Puerto Vallarta snorkeling experience. Also, the Majauyita coves are a special place in Puerto Vallarta for snorkeling. Situated on the southern coast of the bay, in an area of raw natural beauty, Majahuitas is simply stunning.

Puerto Vallarta snorkeling is something you do not want to miss out on so come snorkeling on the Chica Locca on your next Puerto Vallarta Vacation!