Puerto Vallarta Whale Watching

Puerto Vallarta Whale Watching

Puerto Vallarta Whale Watching


Watching Of Whales - The Best Watching Of Whales Of Puerto Vallarta

Humpback whales arrive in Banderas Bay around November. They finish a long annual migration trip that started in the Pacific Ocean near Alaska. During the winter months, the whales use the warm, deep waters of our bay to breed and give birth to their calves before traveling north again in the late spring.

Humpback whales are about 50-60 feet (15-20 meters) long and weigh around 40 – 50 tons. Due to massive commercial whaling in the early 1800s and then until around 1960, humpback whales were almost to the level of extinction. Luckily, an international ban was placed on humpback whaling that went into effect in 1966, and now, the whales’ population has recovered in large numbers.

Humpbacks are the most popular of whales to watch for a specific reason. They are easily recognizable, they are naturally curious and they perform plenty of acrobatics such as breaching and slapping the water with their fins, tails, and heads. This is because the male whales are showing off to the female whales to impress them and potentially mate.

Whale watching in Banderas Bay is closely regulated by the Mexican Government and the Federal Department of Natural Resources. There is a set time period in which whale watching is permitted that begins in November and ends in March each year.

Whale Watching Puerto Vallarta is required to have a special permit given to them by the government and the Chica Locca is one of those boats. The reason for this regulation is to minimize the possibility of whales being hit by boats and possibly injured.

The Chica Locca whale watching tour is the most comfortable on Banderas Bay. Instead of plastic chairs and a small overcrowded boat, the Chica Locca offers pure comfort to all the guests. We always see plenty of whales throughout the trip. Sometimes the whales are almost closest enough to touch. Generally the whales will perform for you by jumping and breaching. They really are an incredible site. Every customer gets very excited about the number of whales that come close to the Chica Locca. Whales are attracted to positive energy and the Chica Locca brings plenty of that.

Whale watching is just the beginning of your trip which happens generally in route to the Marieta Islands (named the 100 most beautiful places on earth). The Chica Locca offer big fluffy cushions for all guests to lounge on and there is plenty of viewing room for everyone to see the whales during our journey to the Marieta Islands. At the Marieta Islands our guides will take you through the caves into one of the most magnificent places on the planet.

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After finishing our fun at the Marietas Islands we serve gourmet sandwiches and give you time to enjoy some of the other activities such as kayaks, paddleboards and the waterslides. Our giant cushions also float so you can relax in the water with your drink of choice.

From there we continue our journey back to La Cruz for some more whale watching and enjoying the facilities on our 60 foot trimaran while listening to music, dancing or just relaxing on one of our hammocks or fluffy cushions.

It’s recommended that you wear a bathing suit, a windbreaker, a hat, and sunglasses, and that you bring sunscreen, a towel, and of course, your camera!

It is sure to be a highlight of your vacation, there is not another tour like the Chica Locca.

The owner is on just about every tour to ensure a good time is had by all, Enjoy!